RMK Management is a Chicago based real estate company which proudly manages 27 rental properties, totaling over 7,000 units throughout the Midwest. With a deep commitment to superior customer service, we are a recognized leader in innovation. Our genuine interest in preserving the integrity and value of our communities sets us apart, allowing us to consistently deliver excellence year in and year out for over 39 years. We have the industry awards to prove it but, most importantly, we have the respect of our residents and peers.



Our Vision
We built our reputation on a simple principle: Always deliver professional, top-quality resident services. And, do it with respect and appreciation.
Our vision for success encompasses all aspects of our business from our hardworking, dedicated employees to the communities we live in and are proud to serve. We believe in the strength of the people we work with and the amazing things that can come from common goals and values. 

Employees: At RMK, we foster collaboration and teamwork and it shows. Our employees share a common vision to provide extraordinary services to our residents. They are the foundation of our success and what makes RMK so special. 

Communication: We pride ourselves on our hands-on management. Our senior management is available, engaged, and willing and able to make apartment living for our residents the best it can be.

Environment: Inconstant pursuit of greener operations,RMK is committed to promoting conservation and preserving our environment. Our sustainability initiatives run the gamut from online bill paying and communication with residents to minimizing waste and on-site recycling. RMK is dedicated to doing our part to keep our world green for generations to come.

Philanthropy:   We believe that giving back is an important responsibility – one that we gladly embrace. Lending a helping hand to make our communities stronger makes us better people and a better company. 


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