RMK Cares
At RMK, we really do care. Our RMK Cares initiative is a reflection of our sincere interest in our residents, employees and our community. We strive to continually make every interaction with our company a positive one and are always looking for ways to improve our relationships with our constituencies.
Resident Relations
RMK is constantly pursuing new ways to enhance apartment life, making it that much more convenient and enjoyable for its residents. With a 95% satisfaction rate, RMK’s resident programs are clearly what our customers are asking for. From online payment options to community-building programs, residents can save time and simplify their apartment experience. A sampling of our commitment to our residents includes:
  • Online Rent Payments – RMK properties offer electronic payments that make paying rent fast, simple and paperless.
  • Late Renewal Nights – Finding time to renew a lease can be difficult for residents that have demanding schedules. In an effort to accommodate busy lives, we keep our offices open late twice a week.
  • 3-6-9 – Expect a personal phone call from our property managers three, six and nine months into the lease. RMK’s property managers check-in to see how things are going and if there’s anything that they can do to make the experience better. 
  • Social Media – Fostering community has become increasingly difficult in our modern world. In an effort to connect our residents, each property has a Neighborhood Blog, Facebook page, YouTube account and e-Newsletters to keep residents informed and in the know.
Employee Relations
Employees have always described RMK as a "great place to work." Senior management has remained hands-on and approachable creating a strong, productive culture. RMK takes pride in its employees and in turn, our employees take pride in their work – delivering professional and consistent high-quality service.
Community Relations
RMK’s philanthropic efforts have always been a priority and we continue to work within our communities. Each of our properties engages in a variety of community outreach projects every year. We remain committed to giving back to the communities in which we proudly serve.

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