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March 2018

01-24-2018 Residences of Wilmette Achieve LEED Gold
01-23-2018 Residences of Wilmette Achieve LEED Gold


03-05-2017 RMK Management makes 2017 Chicago's Best Landlord List
08-07-2017 Upscale Rental Opens - Hamilton Lakes
08-08-2017 Middle Market Digest - Midwest - Residences at Hamilton Lakes
08-08-2017 This Weeks Chicago Deal Sheet - Hamilton Lakes
09-26-2017 Middle Market Digest - Midwest - Residences of Wilmette
10-06-2017 Residences of Wilmette Opens
10-09-2017 Wilmette's First New Property Rental in a Decade
10-27-2017 Middle Market Digest - Midwest- Residences of Wilmette 
11-03-2017 RMK 2017 CAMME Winners
11-22-2017 RMK earns seven 2017 CAMME Awards
11-28-2017 Extravagance in Itasca: New Luxury Rental lands in western suburbs
12-11-2017 Developers Creating Carefully Tailored Amenities


73East Lake    73 East Lake Resident Testimonial
01-08-2016      Residences at New City Earns LEED Gold
03-07-2016      Evanston Makes Lis of Top 10 Downtowns
03-20-2016      RMK makes Top 10 List of Chicago's Best Landlords
03-25-2016      M&R Development to Develop Hundreds of Sub Residences
03-31-2016      Creating Win Win Scenario in Mixed-Use Projects
06-02-2016      Residences at Hamilton Lakes Begins Construction
06-29-2016      New City Wins Four Awards
07-06-2016      Residences at Hamilton Lakes Ground Breaking 
08-17-2016      Addison & Clark development groundbreaking marks start in Wrigleville. 


01-07-2015      High End High Rise Meets Success in Chicago
02-24-2015      6 Lessons for Small Spaces
02-24-2015      Scott Residences
03-12-2015      RMK Management named 2015 Corporation of the Year
03-13-2015      Tour of the Loop
03-26-2015      Apartment Lobby
03-29-2015      The New Rental Reality
04-20-2015      RMK Branching Out for Earth Day
04-22-2015      14 of Chicago's Greenest Apartment Towers
04-22-2015      Central Station for Earth Day
05-08-2015      Industry Changes over 20 Years
06-05-2015      73 East Lake Awesome Amenities
06-16-2015      New City Job Fair
06-19-2015      Churchill Renovation
07-16-2015      RMK Gets Fob-ulous
07-24-2015      Parc Huron Earns EPA Energy Star
08-19-2015      Rental Communities that make the grade
09-10-2015      RMK Annual Resident Appreciation Month
09-11-2015      RMK Gives Back
09-17-2015      Inside Residences at New City
09-25-2015      Opening of Residences at New City
09-30-2015      Residences at New City


12-29-2014      Family Friendly Rental
11-06-2014      73 East Lake Package Retool
09-19-2014      73 East Lake Awarded LEED Gold
09-03-2014      The New American Dream: Why People Are Choosing to Rent
07-22-2014      McClurg Court's Streeterville Resident's 100th Birthday Celebrates Nearly 40 Years Downtown 
06-13-2014      Central Station Apartments in Evanston, Ill. Earns LEED Gold Certification
July 2014          73 East Lake First Big Rental in North Loop 
06-02-2014      Press Release (Wood Shed Restaurant Coming to Central Station in Evanston) 
05-27-2014      Press Release (First Move In's Under Way at 73 East Lake) 
03-18-2014      Press Release (Leasing Office Opens at 73 East Lake) 
02-11-2014      Press Release (Third Bedroom's a Charm for Chicago Area Renters) 


04-25-2012      RMK on CBS News! 
04-02-2012      Press Release (Earth Day) 
06-06-2012      Press Release (RMK Roommates) 
07-10-2012      Press Release (Summit on Lake and Central Station) 
09-17-2012      Press Release (Resident Appreciation Day) 
10-03-2012      Press Release (73 East Lake Groundbreaking)  
10-31-2012      Press Release (RMK Camme Award Winners)  


11-02-2011      Taylor Johnson Press Release Anthony Rossi Sr to Receive Lester Patrick Trophy
11-02-2011      Taylor Johnson Press Release RMK CAMME Awards 


01-28-2010      Chicago Sun Times (Coventry Glen)
02-04-2010      Chicago Sun Times (Farmington Lakes)
03-25-2010      Sun Times (Williams Reserve)
04-13-2010      Chicago Condo Directory (Parc Huron)
08-27-2010      Press Release (Parc Huron)
Fall 2010          Parc Huron-DDC Fall Journal


05-13-2009      Chicago Agent (McClurg Court)
05-14-2009      Chicago Sun Times (Glenmuir)
06-04-2009      Skokie Review (Mc Clurg Court)
07-22-2009      Press Release (Residences at the Grove)
07-24-2009      TribLocal (Residences at the Grove)
10-01-2009      Chicago Sun Times (Alara at Summerfield)
10-22-2009      Chicago Sun Times (Pensacola Place)
11-05-2009      Chicago Sun Times (Mc Clurg Court)


January 2008   Multifamily Executive (Regency Place)
05-05-2008      Press Release (McClurg Court)
05-20-2008      Press Release (Versailles Schaumburg)
07-11-2008      Chicago Sun Times (RMK)
09-17-2008      Press Release (RMK Properties)
09-29-2008      Press Release (Arbors at Barrington)
10-30-2008      Press Release (Residences at the Grove)
10-31-2008      Multi-Housing News (Residences at the Grove)
11-03-2008      Business Journal Online (Residences at the Grove)
11-26-2008      Chicago Agent.com (RMK)
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